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Reefscapers is our exclusive Maldivian partner for the construction of coral frames adopted online. Each frame is built by local communities on Fulhadhoo Island and corals are meticulously attached and monitored by Reefscapers’ marine biologist based in the Maldives.

To date Reefscapers  : 
> More than 600 000 transplanted corals

> More than 9 000 coral reefs

> Team of 20 marine biologist

Bluer ocean project

Bluer Ocean Project is our partner in the development of coral reef restoration projects on Rodrigues Island in the southern Indian Ocean.

We scientifically work together to preserve and restore coral reefs around the Island.


1 % pour la planète

The association The Coral Planters is a member of 1% for the Planet and can receive donations from business members.

Joining the 1% is a strong commitment: businesses that join commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to approved environmental partners and associations.

If you are not yet a member, you can find more information :

la rosée

La Rosée is a French brand that offers natural based cosmetic products. They are committed to be eco-responsible and environmentally friendly by supporting our actions to protect marine ecosystems and more specifically coral reefs.


Nausicaá has been supporting us for over ten years with exhibitions and animations to raise public awareness on coral conservation. Nausicaa has also sponsored many reefs representing more than a thousand coral colonies restored.


Kommerling specializes in manufacturing products for windows and doors, notably high-quality PVC profiles for thermal and acoustic insulation.


Phytomer is a French marine cosmetics brand renowned for its natural, effective skincare products inspired by the benefits of the sea. Phytomer is renowned for its focus on scientific research and environmental commitment.


PAYOT, facial care brand of marine cosmetics renowned for its natural, effective skin care products inspired by the benefits of the sea. The brand is renowned for its focus on scientific research and environmental commitment.


HOPE WAVE is a platform for artistic projects committed to preserving the oceans. Their mission is to create a bridge between art and environmental emergencies. Hope Wave supports us by organising artistic events such as exhibitions, mural creations and art leasing in aid of The Coral Planters. What’s more, for every Hope Wave membership, a piece of coral is adopted.

nomads surfing

Nomads Surfing are supporting us since 2021. They launched the movement One Ocean for All as part of World Ocean Day to support ocean protection programs including The Coral Planters.


EZIMOOV is a company specialising in mobility accessories for children. Their aim is to sublimate this product niche by offering innovative, high-quality products. They emphasise commitment, transparency, respect for the environment and a quirky vision of life. EZIMOOV wants to offer a unique travel experience through their products, while enjoying the pleasures of life.

Les éditions waouche

Les « Éditions WAOUCHE » est une maison d’édition dont le but est d’apporter un regard doux sur les sujets actuels de la société, en premier lieu écologique, et de le proposer aux jeunes enfants.

Suay hype

Suay Hype is an independent clothing brand inspired by the ocean and surf culture. The cotton used is 100% organic and the designs are screen-printed by hand using water-based inks with no added chemicals.


RIVEA is a Swiss brand specialising in textiles, particularly eco-friendly swimwear. The brand focuses on sustainability, creating high-quality, timeless garments. It stands out for the transparency of its production chain. RIVEA is a recent brand, but it is asserting its values with recognised certifications such as GOTS and Oeko-Tex to guarantee the organic origin of its textiles. It seeks to minimise its impact on the environment while offering you exceptional products.


Coline Caillier offers unique illustrations and graphic creations, featuring a delicate, poetic artistic style. Her work, often inspired by nature and everyday life, is available in a variety of formats and for different occasions.


Lefrik offers backpacks and accessories made from recycled materials, combining style, durability and functionality.


YouCare supports our coral reef restoration project in the Maldives since 2020 by regularly adopting coral reefs.


The ‘Hool’ platform is an online giving platform that enables users to make a difference to the lives of others. Hool facilitates the donation process by connecting donors to charities around the world. With Hool, you can discover and support the causes that matter to you, whether education, the environment, health or any other area, giving you the opportunity to track the impact of your generosity.


Vulcain offers security solutions, including alarm, surveillance and fire protection systems for homes and businesses.


Tamarillo focuses on the production of ecological clothing, using sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.


Paul Hewitt is known for his elegant watches and accessories, blending maritime tradition and contemporary design with great attention to detail.


MSY is an IT services company offering network management, cybersecurity and technical support solutions for businesses.


Kapaw specialises in sustainable and ethical clothing, with a focus on environmentally-friendly materials and responsible production.


Attila specialises in roof repair and maintenance, offering quality services for roof maintenance and renovation.


Oceanic Auto is a vehicle sales company, offering a variety of new and used cars with financing and maintenance services.


Le Petit Vapoteur is a leader in the sale of electronic cigarettes, offering a wide range of products for vapers of all levels.

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