Together, let's plant tomorrow's coral. Become a captain of positive impact on the ocean by joining The Coral Planters. Membership is open to those who are committed to marine preservation. Your action can create positive change.

Inspiring others

The first step in preserving the ocean is to make a personal choice. We recognize that not everyone knows where to start or how to make an impact. That’s why we encourage you to share our newsletter, pass on our values, and talk about our latest news. Talk about Coral Planters with friends, family, and colleagues. In other words, inspire those around you.


That’s where you come in! Today, you can make a donation to help fund our coral restoration and awareness projects. Your contribution will make a difference and allow us to

  • Plant coral to restore areas damaged by human activities.
  • Develop education and awareness-raising projects to inform people about the importance of coral reefs.
  • Take action to combat marine pollution and promote sustainable practices.
  • Create a new marine station in Madagascar.

For just €30 a year, you can become a member of The Coral Planters. What’s in it for you?

  • Support our projects and our development: coral reef restoration, awareness-raising, animation, our content, our events…
  • Support the protection of the ocean and marine ecosystems
  • Join a community of marine biologists and ocean enthusiasts.
  • Become involved in an association whose aim is to protect marine biodiversity and contribute to restoration and awareness-raising initiatives
  • Vote and participate in our General Assemblies and elect board members (if you wish)
  • Receive exclusive information on the direct impact of member support
  • Learn about the Board of Directors’ management report, and the association’s major projects and objectives
  • Participate in the presentation of the annual impact report
  • Meet us at events (trade fairs, festivals, etc.)

Become a member


Participating in an association dedicated to coral planting and ocean protection offers more than a simple altruistic action. It provides a deep immersion in environmental awareness, where each volunteer becomes a key player in concrete actions. This experience creates a committed community, sharing strong bonds and a common goal.

To all companies sharing our core values, we cordially extend a warm invitation to become a significant agent of positive change through your partnership with us as a major player in our missions.

Our partnership extends beyond mere financial support, as it represents a powerful declaration of environmental responsibility. By joining forces, we can collectively address today’s environmental challenges, fortify our social and environmental impact, and drive tangible initiatives.

Become a partner


The Coral Planters is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs, which are crucial to marine biodiversity. By supporting our association, you are actively helping to protect these fragile habitats and promote marine sustainability.

Making a donation is simple and secure. Visit our donations page where you’ll find all the information you need to make a financial contribution to our coral reef preservation initiatives.

You can choose to finance three different sites. The funds raised are invested directly in concrete coral reef restoration projects, educational programs, awareness-raising activities and operating costs. We are committed to total transparency regarding the use of donations.

Absolutely. We welcome volunteers with a passion for marine preservation. Visit our volunteer section to fill out the form!

We have several projects underway, including coral planting in the Maldives and Rodrigues, reef health monitoring, and the opening of a marine station in Madagascar. Explore our website or contact us directly to find out more.

Check out our dedicated education section for resources such as games, informative articles, and tips on how to effectively educate your community about the importance of protecting coral reefs.

A partnership with our association offers your company the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, thereby strengthening your brand image. See our “Partnerships” section to find out more.

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