Co-created by friends with a common passion for the ocean and a commitment to the protection of coral reef ecosystems, The Coral Planters has been working for a few years towards our planet and our ocean. Here’s our story.

Love of nature and dedication to the ocean is at the heart of The Coral Planters

From a young age, Sébastien Stradal and Thomas Le Berre, co-founders of The Coral Planters, travelled the ocean taking action to save marine life and raise public awareness.

With this in mind, they created Reefscapers Foundation in 2017, and officially launched their first coral reef restoration programs in partnership with Reefscapers Ltd.

The two friends came together after the mass coral bleaching events of 2016, which led to the death of nearly 20% of the coral reefs worldwide. They founded the association to extend coral restoration actions in France and around the world, sharing their knowledge and innovations and raising awareness to better protect the oceans.

About the founders of The Coral Planters

Sébastien Stradal

Sébastien Stradal, marine biologist, has worked for over 15 years on the development of programs to restore, protect marine environment and raise awareness. Over the years, he has seen reef degradation accelerate, with visible consequences for the planet (erosion, reduced biodiversity). Between human pressure on natural environments and the risks associated with climate change, he quickly realized that taking action was urgently needed… And urgently so.

Thomas Le Berre

Thomas Le Berre, marine engineer, is a pioneer in coral restoration in the Maldives. He has been developing a coral propagation technique for over 20 years. A method using artificial metal structures covered with sand and natural resin to act as a substrate. He works with this technique not only because many coral fragments can be transplanted easily, but also because it makes it easier to monitor the evolution of each coral over the long term.

A fast-growing association driven by passion and innovation

In 2019, the association is recognized as being of public interest and is renamed “The Coral Planters” in 2021. The same year, a second partnership is launched with Bluer Ocean Project on Rodrigues Island to restore coral reefs.

With time, members realized that action alone, even if useful and essential, was not enough. It was at this point that they set up awareness programs for the general public and in particular for future generations. The association began visiting schools, with a genuine educational approach while also taking part in public events.

In 2022, the association officially moved to Anglet, near Biarritz, a stone’s throw from the ocean so dear to its heart.


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