The Coral Planters is a recognized French association of general interest founded in 2017 from a friendship between Sébastien Stradal and Thomas Le Berre, two ocean enthusiasts and experts in the restoration of coral ecosystems for more than 2 decades. These two adventurers have been traveling the oceans since their youngest ages, carrying out actions to safeguard and raise awareness of marine life.

Faced with the degradation of the state of health of the seabed and the massive extinction of coral ecosystems, The Coral Planters aims to act actively on the ground in order to tackle the various threats to the ocean. With more than 20 years of experience in the field and pioneers of many innovative reef restoration techniques but also their long-term monitoring, the teams of The Coral Planters are today part of the world reference.

Sébastien Stradal, marine biologist and expert in coral restoration, has been working in the field for more than 15 years with the aim of developing restoration, awareness and protection programs for the marine environment. It is through his experiences that Sébastien was able to see the degradation of reefs around the world and the urgency of the situation in the face of climate change and human pressure on natural environments.

Thomas Le Berre, engineer and pioneer of coral restoration in the Maldives, developed the technique of coral propagation through artificial structures more than 20 years ago. This restoration technique involves using structures as a substrate for the propagation of corals. In addition to promoting genetic diversity, this technique provides an excellent yield on the number of transplanted corals and allows rigorous monitoring of these over the long term.

Following the latest coral bleaching events in 2016, resulting in the death of nearly 20% of coral reefs around the world, Thomas and Sébastien decided to found The Coral Planters in order to extend their coral restoration actions to the territories. French and the world in the world by sharing their know-how while carrying out awareness-raising actions with the general public and future generations for the protection of the Oceans.




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